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A company leading the global market by incorporating innovative technology into EV charging infrastructure

EV Charging Infrastructure
Customer Complaints​

Charging facility complain​

Connecting the charging connector is heavy and challenging.​

The charging cable lying on the ground is uncomfortable.​​

Safety concerns arise with high-voltage charging cables.​​

Short-Term Customer Requirements​​


Focused on Addressing Charging-Related ​Complaints​


Addressing Complaints Regarding the Weight of ​Charging Cables and Connectors​​


Addressing Aesthetic Concerns Due to Charging Cables Laying on the Ground​​


Addressing the Issue of Abandoned High-Pressure Charging Cables​​

Long-Term Customer Requirements​​


Expansion of EV Charging Infrastructure Implementation​​


Development of Technology to Resolve Conflicts among Residents in Apartment Complexes​​​


Development of Charging Station Technology to Reduce Charging Time​​​

R&D Needs for EV Charging Infrastructure​


R&D Items

Charging-Related Dissatisfaction​

Fast Charging System​ Selecting Charging Station Locations​

Complaints Regarding Charging Cable and Connector Weigh​

Charging Cable Lightweight Technology​ Cable Storage System Development​

The charging cable lying on the ground is unsightly​

Clean Storage and Positioning System
for Charging Cables​

High Voltage Charging Cable Neglect Issue​

Development of Automatic High-Voltage Charging Cable Retrieval Device​ Development of Automatic Charging Technology​

Expansion of EV Charging Infrastructure​

Development of Fast Charging Stations​ Technology Upgrades for Existing Charging Stations​

Resolving Resident Conflicts in Apartment Complexes​

Sustainability Analysis and Support System for Charging Station Installation​ Development of Resident Consensus Models​

Development of Charging Technology to Reduce Charging Time​

Development of Fast Charging Technology​ Development of Smart Charging Technology​