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The EV charging infrastructure market continues to grow, driven by the expansion of the EV market and significant investments

Korea EV Chargers Market (‘22.12.31.)​

Global EV Market​

Key Insights into the EV Charging Infrastructure Market​

Large-scale Investment​

As the EV market continues to grow, there is a rising demand
for EV charging infrastructure, leading to significant investments
in the charging station market. ​Particularly, global conglomerates
are expanding their investments in the development of
EV charging infrastructure.​

Shift in Charging Station Locations

Initially, EV charging stations were commonly installed in large
shopping malls and supermarket parking lots. ​
However, recent trends show that these stations are increasingly
being placed in residential areas, highway rest areas, and locations
frequented by EV users.​

Expansion of Fast Charging Market​​

To reduce EV charging times, there is an expansion of fast
charging station installations. While the installation cost of fast
charging stations is a concern, they play a crucial role in providing
convenient charging for EV users.​

Introduction of IoT Technology

There is a growing adoption of IoT technology for the management
of charging infrastructure. This technology enables real-time
monitoring of charging station status and rapid responses in case of

Increased Government Support for
Infrastructure Development​

To promote the growth of the EV market, governments are
strengthening their support for the development of EV charging
infrastructure. In Korea, for instance, plans are in place to invest
over 7 trillion KRW in such infrastructure by 2025.